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The Ponta da Piedade is possibly one of the most beautiful natural scenery of the Algarve coast. The coast is formed by dense corroded cliffs, which have been carved in rocky pillars, natural tunnels and hidden caves. The irregularly deformed sandstone cliffs stand in stark contrast to the peaceful turquoise and green deep waters, and the whole region is simply breathtaking.
To observe the cliffs from the sea, visitors can take part in the organized and realized excursions in Catamaran and later with our Kayaks, that navigate through the labyrinth of these unique formations in a ecologic way. Situated prominently on the promontory of Ponta da Piedade is a traditional lighthouse, which has been watching international expeditions from the dangerous rocks since its construction. The Ponta da Piedade is an excellent excursion of 2 Hours and a half, from Lagos, exploring the cliffs is a magnificent experience.
We are a group of professionals, but mostly friends. We were born with our feet in the sea and so we continue our whole lives. The sea current is the one that moves our passion and its breeze made us understand that we could not miss the opportunity to share what is not only ours, but of everyone. Mother Nature gives us magnificent gifts that we only realize when we learn to open our minds and value our senses. Enjoying the moment, enjoying the best of life!
It is with great respect and a dose of magic that we share the wonderful coast where we were born and lived. We will do this through a trip, initially by boat to save all our energy to the point where we descend with the kayaks. Why kayaks? The answer is simple! This means of transport, in addition to not polluting, also allows us a stunning view of the coast, almost as if we were part of it. As we explore, we return to the past by sharing stories, many of them funny.
Stop looking at the hands of the clock, disconnect and enjoy the moment is one of the rarest things we can do today. This trip is for that. Are you ready?


Most frequent questions and answers

Warm change of clothes,
Waterproof Camera/Phone,
Thermal Top and Thermal Leggings to wear under a Wetsuit (November-March),
A sense of fun and adventure,
Bottle of Water (we have it as a gift for you on board).

We recommend you to wear your favourit swim-wear and bring your own wetsuit and water shoes if you are a water sport pro.
During summer we recommend you to wear your preferred swim-wear and bring lots of sun block.
During the winter we recommend you to wear your preferred swim wear under a thermal top and thermal leggings which you can put a wetsuit over to stay warmer if needed. We recommend you are wearing these swim-wear and under layers underneath normal clothing on pick-up

Kayak tours operate at:
– 17th Febrary till 31st March – 12pm
– 1st April till 31st Mai – 10H30am and 2pm
– 1st June til 15th September – 9H30am, 13pm, 4pm
– 16th September till 31st October – 10H30am and 2pm
– 1st November till 31st December – 12pm

Me and Ricardo welcome you at the Gate ABCD in Marina de Lagos, in front of Pizza Hut restaurant.
We wear a Bright Yellow/Green T-Shirt, very easy to identify us.
Please arrive 15 minutes at the meeting point before the tour.
Just in case you come by car, there is a free parking on the back of the building of Marina de Lagos, near the train station. There are lots of parking places there.
This is the google maps link:

NO ! – Half of the people we take Kayaking have never Kayaked before and the other half of the people we take kayaking have only kayaked a few times.

No !! We do not provide neoprene wetsuits or neoprene wet-shoes to keep you warm in winter. In sumer wetsuits and water-shoes are not required.

YES !! It is ok if you cannot swim. Every person we take on the water is supplied a personal flotation device which helps to keep you afloat should you fall in the water. Our guides are trained at assisting you back onto your kayak so help is usually easily on hand. You are required to notify your guide prior to entering the water if you cannot swim.

At kayak Lagos Adventure we are not sending you flying over waterfalls in rafts or towing you behind boats at 40km/hr. We are very lucky that in Ponta da Piedade- Lagos the waters are very calm and clear. However as with any water-based and transportation activities there are inherent and assumed risks. We have a comprehensive and safe operational plan, a vehicle and driver policy and a navigation safety license to operate and we are always striving to minimize risks during our activities.

NO !! The Tours operate all year round. Customers in winter love our tours just the same as customers in summer !!

The minimum age for Kayak tours is 5 years old. Any person under 17 years old most be accompanied by a responsible adult. We advise families with young children to choose our first kayak tour of the day, instead of the others Tours.

While greater levels of fitness generally help in all aspects of life, you do not need to be any kind of athlete to take part in our tours, kayaking on the Ponta da Piedade Coastline is generally a relaxing more leisure type activity.

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