What to do in Lagos

Kayak Ponta da Piedade

These are some reasons to visit Lagos, a city with a rich historical wealth that has managed to maintain its authenticity and where you can find natural wonders that are among the most beautiful in the world.

 As in other places in southern Portugal, people settled here for over 2000 years when they left many of their influences. The most important peoples occupying the region were the Carthaginians, Romans and Muslims until finally, in the 13th century, the territory came under Portuguese rule.

Due to its privileged geographical and economic importance, the city of Lagos enjoyed a great evolution, which led it to assume the role of Capital of the Algarve for about 200 years.

 Lagos played a key role in the Age of Discovery, hence the departure of many vessels in search of new worlds with relief navigators such as Gil Eanes.

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