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Polvo Lagareiro, prato tradicional Portugues This classic Portuguese dish is made in the style of Lagareiro, hence the name. Lagareiro refers to a cooking style with numerous varieties, but it usually ends in dressing grilled or roasted fish and seafood with extra virgin olive oil. In


Pratos Tradicionais Portugueses – Choco Frito Choco frito is a traditional Portuguese dish originating from Setúbal, where it’s the most famous local specialty. Although one might think that the dish contains chocolate, it actually consists of fried cuttlefish that’s typically served with potato chips or fries,


In the next Post in the next few days, I will talk about the bests Seafood dishes in Portugal, don’t miss this piece of information. FILETES DE POLVO – POLVO PANADO Filetes de polvo or Polvo Panado is a traditional Portuguese dish consisting of fried octopus