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Top Kayak Tour with Lagos Adventure in Ponta da Piedade, Lagos, Algarve, Portugal


Lagos is undeniably linked to the sea throughout its long history.

Zawaia - Lacobriga - Lagos
Zawaia – Lacobriga – Lagos

Even today, the term “lacobrigenses”, the term that defines those who live in Lagos, goes back to its primitive name of Lacobriga. Many peoples have passed through here: Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Moors – who called it Zawaia – and then the Portuguese, who conquered the city in 1249.

Due to its location, Lagos grew during the Age of Discovery. Ships and caravels left and arrived from there and the city became a centre of commerce.

The typical walls of Lagos, built as early as the 16th century, defended the city from enemies, and other forts were built in defensive and strategic positions.

Fishing is inextricably linked to the history of Lagos, with the growth of the canning industry. Until the First World War, Lagos was the largest canning centre in the Algarve, later supplanted by Olhão. There were as many as 29 factories in operation at the same time!

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